Commercial Coffee Machine Service & Repair

We have an in-house independent engineer specialising in the service, repair, installation and refurbishment of traditional espresso coffee machines, including Pressure Vessel Inspections for compliance.

We are Approved Engineers of Rancilio, Conti and Marco machinery and are the Devon Area Representative of the EspressTest network.

To enquire about machinery service or repair, please visit our Trade Enquiries page.

Service & Repair

Routine on-site servicing and repair of espresso machines, including group heads, steam/water taps, level probe, anti-vac valve, boiler safety valve.

We can supply replacement parts for most makes of machine, including Rancilio, SanRemo, Astoria, La Spaziale, Mazzer and Exbobar.

Pressure Vessel Inspection (PVI)

A comprehensive inspection completed on standard boiler espresso machines, as well as fully automatic bean-to-cup machines, multi-boiler machines or simpler water boiler units in order to comply with the Health & Safety Executive regulations on pressure systems. Espresstest provide a Written Scheme of Examination with no need for an insurance inspection.

Equipment Installation

We can carry out installations of traditional espresso equipment, providing suitable power and water services are in place. We can also carry out installation of bulk brew coffee making equipment, water boilers and some makes of bean to cup machine (please ask for details).

Water Treatment

We supply various different types of water filter including Brita and Claris cartridge systems which are ideal for espresso machines and most coffee making equipment. We will install the unit and then monitor the water volume going through it. We can then carry out exchanges for you on a regular basis to ensure no unnecessary down-time is caused by lime scale build-up on your equipment.

Refurbishment & Customisation

We are able to carry out professional refurbishments and rebuilds at our workshop, to breathe new life into your espresso equipment. We can even provide you with loan machine to enable you to carry on serving great coffee!

To enquire about machinery service or repair, please visit our Trade Enquiries page.