Rancilio Classe 11

The Rancilio Classe 11 espresso machine redefines the human-machine interaction. Inspired by the language of smartphones, Classe 11 is distinguished by high standards of brewing technology, design and ergonomic solutions.

Brewing Technology

Full control over coffee extraction: express your expertise with no limits, thanks to Classe 11’s advanced professional features.

Smart Interface

Innovative technology is your secret ingredient, with an on-board computer and thorough menu system allowing you to control quality in every cup.

Power To Design

Attention to detail and automotive-inspired style make Classe 11 stand out with dynamic lines, robustness and great functionality.

Born To Be Green

Advanced features make the Classe 11 stand out for innovation, energy performance and heat management.

Independent Groups and Multi-Boiler System

Each independent group is equipped with a micro-boiler and two heating elements, to guarantee the thermal stability for both water temperature and group body, offering maximum accuracy at every cup.

Temperature Profiling

Technology designed to enhance the sensory properties of any coffee, dynamically adjusting the water temperature during the 25-30 second brewing process: by increasing or decreasing this temperature by up to 5°C (9°F), specific characteristics of the espresso can be changed to achieve significant improvements in the quality of the quality of the product in the cup.