'10/10 for Owens!

We're always complimented on the quality of the coffee we serve here, which has definitely helped us continue to grow. We love that Owens Coffee is a local company and their lovely staff offer us great support.'

Two Bridges Hotel, Dartmoor

'Owens love coffee, our customers love Owens Coffee and we love both. "Life is too short for bad coffee".'

The Salty Monk, Sidmouth

'As an organic, wholefood store, we needed a coffee supplier who was passionate about organic, fare- trade and ethical products. Owens combines all of these things as ALL of their coffee range is 100% organic and fair-trade, hand roasted to order, with great service and support. A perfect match.

…and added to that, the team at Owen's Coffee are very friendly and approachable and provide an impeccable, problem-free service!'

The Natural Food Store, Falmouth

'In the short time we have been working with Owens Coffee, sales have increased and so have the compliments.

From the staff training to the quality of the product Owens have been nothing other than professional and consistent. The Coffee has an excellent flavour and we really like the branding, and big tick for us is Fairtrade and organic certification.

Great company and a great product.'

Tinners Arms, Cornwall

"'Owens have been there from the start for us, we chose them on the flavour alone but have been so surprised at the level of customer support they have been able to constantly provide. From the barista training to regularly recalibrating our grind and everything else technical in between.

On a business level product innovation and their support for us on social media is really helping us drive sales, but best of all we have a product we can rely on. Our customers regularly comment on how good our coffee, it's really taken the pressure off so we can focus on other aspects of our business.'"

Rocksalt, Plymouth

"'We've been serving Owens Coffee for two and a half years now and have never once had an issue with delivery or service! Our customers are hooked on the great flavours of the coffee, it's so well blended. What more could you ask for than wonderful service and wonderful coffee?

Thanks Owens!'"

The Bakehouse, Cullompton

"'We wanted to find a quality local coffee supplier, moving away from high street brands. Owens has been the perfect choice. Not only do our staff love the coffee, they have provided us with a great all-round service, wholeheartedly supporting us with equipment changes and supplies.

Owens truly cares about the products they source and provide. Being a local company, we have had the opportunity to develop an excellent working relationship which makes the world of difference!'"

Two Four Production Company, Plymouth

Our coffee sales have increased since we started serving Owens Coffee, with so many more people ordering a second cup. We haven't seen as much of a difference in any part of the business in twenty years of trading.

Kegen Teg, St Just

'Owens Coffee has always been an approachable, friendly brand that provides an excellent level of support. They have without a doubt contributed to our success over recent years.'

Mark Jones, City College Plymouth

"'Customers from 2 Rivers love Owens Coffee for its rounded, first class taste. They've complimented the fullness of the flavours that leave the Friday morning coffee club very happy!

L. Curtis from the coffee club said 'We try many varieties of Owens Coffee and have never been disappointed."'"

2 Rivers, Okehampton

"'From our first contact with Owen's we have been really impressed with their customer care and service. The support they offer is so important to us as a new business and the training has been really beneficial. Coffee sales have increased, and we receive a lot more compliments on the coffee since using Owen's, even the cups!

We are very proud to use Owen's Coffee.'"

Penrose Kitchen, Cornwall

'We sampled a lot of organic, ethically sourced and locally roasted coffee before deciding who would supply us at The Hidden Treasure Tea Room in Exeter. After we tasted Owens Espresso beans there was no more discussion! It's perfect and we love it.'

The Hidden Treasure Tea Room, Exeter

'We stock Owen's Coffee at Ashby's Easy Stores near Kingsbridge. It's great to see a local, handcrafted quality ETHICAL coffee doing so well! Lovely product, delicious flavours! Keep up the good work!'

Ashby Stores, Kingsbridge

'Owens is the best!'

Vic Coulson, Local Customer

"'We were on our way to Falmouth but our sat-nav took us to Flushing. This wouldn't have happened in the 'map' days. While in Flushing we came across the Waterside restaurant and enjoyed some lovely seafood, ending our meal with a coffee.

I'm proud of my bean to cup machine which, until our visit to the waterside, had never been beaten by any coffee house or restaurant. The coffee was superbly smooth and delicious, better than anything I have had before. On ordering a second cup, (I never order a second cup) I praised the skill of the young lady barista who assured me that it was not her skill or the machine but the coffee supplied by Owens. Well can't stop any longer, need to order some coffee beans.'"

Mike, Little Stoke, Gloucestershire

'I just wanted to say thank you to everyone involved in arranging our trip to Owens Coffee. I have to say it was an extremely informative and interesting morning. The children loved Xavia, she was fantastic involving the children in all aspects of the learning and made us all feel very welcome.'

Helen Walker, Year 6 Teacher, Stoke Fleming Primary School

'Amazing coffee and friendly service always at Owens Coffee, and we love the fact that every blend is 100% organic and fair-trade, something which is very important to us.'

South Moor Vets, Devon

Owens Coffee isn't just about being 100% organic and fair-trade, but about the service too, which is outstanding.

Fruition, Torquay

"'I have searched for an organic decaf for a long time and am delighted to have found Owens Coffee! The decaf is really smooth with a consistent taste. Thankyou!'"

Ian Chandler, Local Customer

'A big thank you for my milk training..I really enjoyed it and learnt so much, and have tried to put all your fabulous tips into practice.'

Gilli Swift, Barista

"Visit by The Erme WI at Ivybridge

'We are part of the WI a very active organization; currently 225,000 members. Learning has been integral to the WI for a hundred years. We have always been encouraged to share in the life and work of the community, which is how we came to visit Owen's Coffee in Modbury. We were aware that Lorraine Bidden was keen to spread the word about sustainable coffee.

Being keen to learn more about coffee than just opening a jar, Lorraine readily accepted our proposal to visit. The presentation was highly educational and gave us an insight into the life of a coffee bean with a focus on sustainable farming and traceability of the product.

The journey from the tree to the cup was fascinating, from the individual farmers to the team at Owen's in their pristine, production room. The delicacy of the roasting process is clearly important to them and we were able to take part in the tasting of their newest development. The pride in their product was obvious and we were given a wonderful opportunity to visit a little gem in the coffee industry here on our doorstep.

We would like to wish Lorraine and her team success in their coming ventures.'"

Dorothy Doney, WI - Ivybridge WI

"'Devon Norse are proud to supply catering services across Devon and the West Country and within the cafes at Devon County Council. When selecting a coffee supplier it was important that they shared our ethos in providing a quality, ethically sourced, organic, Fairtrade product that's was produced in Devon, but it also needed to taste amazing so Owens was the natural choice.

The initial training was outstanding and really hit the mark, our staff now have a new found passion for coffee which has quickly spread to our customers too.

"I now go out of my way despite the walk to buy my coffee as love Owens".

"Owens Coffee is AMAZING and really good value for money compared to popular high street brands, definitely gets my vote".

From a management perspective the aftersales support and quality assurance provided by Lorraine and the Owens team is second to none.' "

Sarah Harrison, Devon Norse