Owens Coffee for Foodservice & Retail

We want your business to flourish and we know that serving Owens Coffee will help you achieve this.

“Our coffee sales have increased since we started serving Owens Coffee, with so many more people ordering a second cup. ”

Kegen Teg, St Just

Our support and service is second to none, whether that means barista training or point of sale material...

“Not only do our staff love the coffee, they have provided us with a great all-round service, wholeheartedly supporting us with equipment changes and supplies.”

Two Four Production Company, Plymouth

When you serve Owens coffee, we can provide you with:

  • Coffee roasted to order
  • Barista training
  • Social media promotion
  • Point of sale material
  • Equipment supply
  • We are a Vegware supplier
  • We are a Rice Husk supplier

Get in touch

You can read more of our testimonials here. If you want to give your customers the best coffee that is organic and fair-trade, get in touch now.

For new business enquiries, please contact Paul Rigby on 07393 147857‬ or paul@owenscoffee.com