Seasonal – Guji, Ethiopia

Our seasonal single origin from the Guji region of Ethiopia. A complex yet balanced coffee with notes of cane sugar, apple and grape.

Note: this is a small batch roast in limited supply

Our Seasonal Guji is a G2 grade washed and sun-dried coffee from the Layo Taraga Cooperative in the Uranga district of Ethiopia.

The coffee is shade grown on one hectare plots of land by approx. 500 members of the cooperative. During the harvest the members deliver their coffee cherry to the washing station where it is sorted and depulped. It is then fermented for 8–12 hours underwater, before being sun-dried on raised beds for 10-14 days until it reaches an 11% moisture content.

Medium Roast – 1 2 ③ 4 5

Ideal for filter and cafetière as whole beans or medium ground.