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How to Recycle Coffee Pods

  • 1 min read

Here's how to recycle coffee pods made with aluminium in three easy steps: 

1) Ensure that the coffee pods you're using are 100% aluminium. Many coffee pods which appear to be aluminium include other composite materials and these have to be returned to the original source for processing (note: some pod providers will offer a collection service for this). For reference, Owens organic Nespresso® compatible coffee pods are 100% aluminium. 

A box of Owens Nespresso compatible organic coffee pods

2) Separate the coffee grounds from the pods. We know that people who use pods do this for convenience. So for speed and ease, you could even use a handy tool like the EcoPress which instantly turns the pods inside-out and collects all the grounds. These grounds can be composted with your food waste.

3) Rinse the aluminium pod out and add it to your tins/cans recycling collection.  

That's IT!!

29,000 coffee pods are sent to landfill every month! If you choose to use coffee pods, you can actively reduce this waste. Aluminium as a material is infinitely recyclable - all you have to do is follow the steps above to make a difference.



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