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Owens Green Rewards

We love our customers! As a family-owned business, we appreciate your support. And to show our appreciation, we set up Owens Green Rewards, which means that every time you spend with us, you collect 'Green Beans'. These Green Beans can be redeemed for rewards, which includes free (yes, free!) coffee, money-off vouchers for shopping and subscriptions, and more! 

Buy from us in-store, online or through an Owens organic coffee subscription to collect Green Beans. 

Buy in-store?

If you're in-store and aren't a member of Owens Green Rewards, ask one of our team, who will help sign you up (you will need to register your account online to link purchases from our website or subscriptions - see below).

Buy online?
If you buy online, it is also easy to join.

Register online to become a member

If you don't already have an account with us, visit the home page of our website go to the green rewards section, and select 'join now'. Enter the details requested and you'll be good to go!

Already have an online account with us?

If you have already created an online store account with us, you will automatically be signed up for Owens Green Rewards and won't have to do anything more to start collecting your Green Beans. 

If you have problems logging into your account, try requesting a new password. If that doesn't work, it may mean that you have previously used a guest account to order with us and haven't created a full account, in which case, please let us know and we can send you an account activation request. 

Collect points

As a member, you'll collect Green Beans every time you spend with Owens, and (if you provide your date of birth), you'll get extra Birthday Beans with us each year*!

Here are all the ways you can earn Green Beans with us:

*Please note that you will need to update your account with your date of birth to get your Birthday Beans!

How to use your Green Beans
Rewards include free bags of coffee (online and in-store) and free takeaway hot drinks for those who visit our shop/takeaway. For details of the rewards available to claim with your Green Beans, please see below:

Claim your Green Rewards online

To claim your Green Reward(s) online, click the green button in the bottom right hand corner of your screen (desktop and mobile shown below): 

Screenshots from Owens Coffee Green Rewards

If you are not already, you will need to sign in to your account here (you may have to re-hit the green button again once you have signed in).
Once signed in, you will see the above. Select 'Ways to redeem' and you will see a list of available rewards you can redeem your Green Beans for (or rewards you've redeemed but not yet used). Select VIEW or REDEEM and follow the instructions. 

Claim your Green Rewards in store

To claim your Green Rewards in store, simply ask a member of our team the next time you visit our shop.


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