About Us

Owens Coffee are an artisan Devon coffee supplier and roaster, based in South Devon.

Since 2010, Owens coffee has been roasting 100% Organic and Fairtrade coffee, in fact we are the only dedicated roaster in the South West.

Our relationship with global importers operates under the highest ethical and business standards.

Continuing our commitment to sustainable business practices, in 2018, we moved to a state of the art, environmentally friendly roastery and production facility, which has been built with as much sustainable construction as possible, creating a pleasant, warm and inspiring environment for our team and customers.

Clean roasted, for more flavour…

We have also invested in new “clean technology” roasting equipment, which will not only allow us to increase our ability to roast greater quantities as demand dictates, but will also use less energy, create less emission and enable us to reduce our carbon footprint. Our smokeless Loring Kestral roaster uses unique technology which locks in more flavour, creating a more high-quality, fresh coffee bean. The roaster uses eighty percent less fuel than conventional roasters because there is no afterburner used to complete the roasting process. Due to no afterburner, the machine emits less greenhouse gas than traditional roasters, which helps protect operators and local air quality. Additionally, the Loring Roaster has a low oxygen roast environment to help lock in the natural flavour of the coffee beans.