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Wholesale Coffee Suppliers: 100% Organic Coffee

Satisfy your customer demand

Owens are wholesale coffee suppliers, servicing businesses across the UK. Our 100% certified organic Fairtrade coffee satisfies a demand from an increasingly discerning, conscientious consumer.

Because we are committed to providing wholesale organic coffee beans, we are able to offer extended choice to our retailers and food service providers, which gives you the opportunity to select the most suitable coffee for your own customers from our full range.

Supporting your business: wholesale coffee suppliers with full café service

As wholesale coffee suppliers working alongside both retail and foodservice, we also provide a comprehensive full café service to support your business.

For the last 10 years, we have supported established and start up café owners to grow their businesses and increase profits not only by differentiating their offer with a high quality organic coffee, but also through our consistent, reliable full café service.

Our offer includes:

If you are a business customer interested in working with a 100% organic coffee supplier, we would love to hear from you! Please visit our Trade Enquiries page.

To find out more about Owens Coffee roasters, click here.


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