Certified Organic Coffee Beans

Our complete range of certified organic coffee beans is available to buy online.

Our product range includes the option to buy as ground coffee beans or as whole coffee beans, to suit you.

Owens organic coffee beans include our own house blends, and our speciality single origin coffee and single estate coffee for espresso and filter brewing.

We have aimed to make it as easy as possible to buy organic coffee online, direct from our website. All of our range includes certified organic coffee beans only.

Organic Coffee Beans, certified by the Soil Association

When you buy our organic coffee beans, you can be certain of the organic status of our products, which are certified by the Soil Association. Soil Association certification means that we have committed to strict policies and practice in the sourcing and production of our products. We are regularly inspected by representatives of the association to verify that we adhere to its rules.

Why buy organic coffee beans?

There are a number of reasons why you may choose to replace your regular coffee and buy organic coffee beans instead. Reasons include:

    • Ethical reasons for supporting coffee farmers and ensuring decent working conditions
    • Health benefits of avoiding pesticides and chemical fertilisers
    • Environmental benefits to combat deforestation as well as avoiding pesticides as above
    • Taste – many people taste the difference between organic coffee beans and regular coffee.

    Not all ‘organic coffees’ are certified. To ensure you are buying organic coffee beans which meet every strict standard that relates to the above, make sure your beans are certified.

    You don’t have to use organic coffee beans, but if any of the above is important to you, it is an important consideration. To help you make your choice, you will find more information about buying organic coffee beans here.