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Janey Loves 23 Platinum Awards

  • 1 min read

🌟These may be the most star-studded awards we've ever been up for!

The 'Janey Loves' Platinum Awards are run by organic advocate, singer, author, TV Presenter and radio personality (you may know her best from Radio 2's Steve Wright in the Afternoon show) Janey Lee Grace, who enjoyed our coffee at this year's Natural & Organic Products event, and suggested we enter her awards.

Final decisions will be made by the celebrity line-up of judges who will be voting on our coffees. Joining Janey Lee Grace are Organic living guru Jo Wood, actress Glynis Barber and TV Presenter & voice coach, Carrie Grant !

YOUR VOTE COUNTS TOO: Please help us boost our vote by voting for us. Here's how:

1) Go to
2) Put Owens Coffee in the first section
3) Put your favourite Owens Coffee product up for the awards (you can choose from Gara, Jabulani, Decaf, Bantham and Romero) in the 'Product' section
4) Submit your vote!

Thanking you in advance if you are able to do this for us! 🙏

In the meantime, Janey Lee Grace recorded a 'sneak preview' talking about some of our coffees right here: 


Wish us luck!


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