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Learn to make coffee with Owens!

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The world of coffee is one with an immense amount of information and for those of you who love their brew, Owens Coffee have carefully developed Home Barista training courses run by highly qualified and professional Baristas, to assist you on your coffee journey. 

At Owens, we are passionate about providing a top quality product and believe education on how to recreate the coffee you buy in a cafe or takeaway at home is a must for all coffee enthusiasts.  Whether it is a flat white, Americano or Latte, we know that making an excellent quality coffee is an art.  It isn’t just about the coffee; it is about the water, the milk and what method you use.

Our Home Barista Training courses take place in our new, first-class training facility at our Roastery in Ivybridge.  They are perfect for you, or as a gift for that special someone who is difficult to buy for.  You can be confident you will receive intensive training as the courses are limited to a maximum of six people only.  You will come away armed with masses of new knowledge about why making great coffee is a real skill, as well as having had a great time in a fantastic facility.

The Home Barista Course Part 1 is aimed at those of you who would like an introduction to a home coffee machine, is looking to produce home barista skills and learn basic knowledge of the coffee beans and quality.

The course includes:

  • Introduction to coffee varieties
  • Roast quality and what to look for in a bean
  • Introduction to grinding and quality of grind
  • Pull the perfect extraction, learning the progression of a shot and what to look for
  • Milk foaming skills
  • Difference between drinks and how to make them
  • Cleaning and basic maintenance required for a machine and grinder

Home Barista Part 2 (Advanced)

This superb course follows on from Home Barista Part 1 - or is for the more advanced among you! Aimed at the person who already has basic barista skills or has already lived with a coffee machine and grinder for a while and wants to improve and enhance their skills in our fantastic new training facility.

The course includes:

  • Cupping session to establish the difference between blends
  • Coffee Sensory
  • Advanced grinding techniques
  • Improving extraction quality
  • Advanced milk skills
  • Latte art

Priced at £65 and £85 respectively, both courses run from 9.30am-12.00pm in The Roastery, Endsleigh Park, Ivybridge and include an Owens Coffee cup and bag of coffee. Great for a group or come on your own, you can your place here


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