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Organic your September - Food as it should be!

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This month we are celebrating Organic September, a campaign designed to raise the profile of organic goods in the UK and shine a light on the amazing organic farmers and producers like us, who work hard to produce food as it should be.

Better for you and the planet.

Did you know that organic food can have a higher nutritional value due to the absence of pesticides and fertilisers? Organic plants boost their production of the phytochemicals (vitamins and antioxidants) that strengthen their resistance to insects and weeds and produce a much cleaner coffee cherry. So an organic cup of coffee its actually healthier for you (no hidden chemical nasties) and whats even better is that you can really taste the difference!

Organic coffee plants are often grown at higher altitudes in the shade, so by buying organic you also help protect important forest habitats and their ecosystems.

We are hugely proud to be the only 100% Organic Coffee Roaster in the South West. Every single one of our Owens blends and single origin coffees are certified by the Soil Association. We are passionate and strong advocates for Fair-trade products too.

Organic coffee farmer

Buying organic produce from certified producers like us, helps to spread the word and share the love with those who are working hard to bring us food that is better for us, our environment and our planet. What’s not to love?

Its a serious business..

Organic coffee cherries

We take our organic status seriously and believe us, achieving this is no easy feat! Not only do we ensure all of our coffee beans are from certified organic producers, our Eco Roastery is rigorously inspected and certified each and every year to make sure we meet the strict set of standards laid down by European law.

Feeling Inspired?

Take part in Organic September! It’s simple, more people buying organic food means more organic farms. Switching just one item to the organic equivalent can really help contribute to changing our food systems for the better. Try replacing one of your every day products (such as coffee) with an organic one instead!

Our delicious range of organic fresh roasted coffees are available to order online, or you can pop in to our low impact Roastery near Ivybridge, Devon for a coffee and say hello!

Find out more about Organic September on the Soil Association website. #Chooseorganic #OrganicSeptember


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