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School visit from Stoke Fleming Primary School

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We were very excited that Stoke Fleming Primary School asked to come and visit us, in particular, to find out more about fair-trade and what that means.

Xavia, from Owens Coffee, ran the morning, starting with a tour of the roastery. The students were fascinated to see all the stock of products on the shelves and whilst learning about the green beans some students even had a go at attempting to lift the 69 kilo bags! With proper supervision, of course! Xavia explained the process and journey that the beans had already been on before arriving on pallets to our roastery door. Back in the training room, it was time to make some coffee for some very thirsty teachers. Students watched up close the process of how we make espresso and all the barista skills involved, including drawing a latte fern which they loved of course!


School visit


A presentation was prepared for them on why fair-trade is so important for farmers around the world, including facts about:

  • Better, fairer prices paid to farmers
  • Decent working conditions for farmers and workers
  • Better for the environment supports sustainable practices
  • Agreed prices every year means that farmers can count on their income
  • If prices of coffee rise above the minimum agreed price, the farmers get paid the higher price
  • Benefits small-scale farmers and workers, who are amongst the most marginalised groups globally

Xavia then went on to show the school children how the coffee bean is roasted and explained the different stages, as well as explaining the benefits of organic coffee farming. Coffee plants are grown in the shade, amongst native trees, with no pesticides or chemicals, and this has a positive impact on biodiversity, as well as being a contributing factor in helping to slow down climate change.

To re-enforce their learning, the children were put into groups representing the different stages from bean to cup. The task was to create a short dialogue explaining why Fairtrade was significant to their role. At the end of the day, the children acted out a short play, moving through all the coffee growing and producing stages, from farmers planting to waiters serving it!

‘The students from Stoke Fleming School were so incredibly responsive I was blown away with their creativity, ideas and great use of the props!’ said Xavia.

Finally, it was time for the last coffee break. Everyone had a taste of Owens best selling filter coffee, Café Negro, a unique blend of Ethiopian Sidamo and Peruvian coffee. It was amazing that every single student tried the coffee and appreciatively asked for more.

Helen Walker, Year 6 teacher at Stoke Fleming School said ‘Thank you to everyone involved in arranging our trip to Owens coffee. I have to say it was an extremely informative and interesting morning. The children loved Xavia, she was fantastic involving the children in all aspects of the learning and made us all feel very welcome.’

A successful day at the office!


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