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UK Coffee Week

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UK Coffee Week takes place from Monday 16th until Sunday 22nd October. 

To celebrate UK Coffee Week, why not try something new? 

We meet lots of coffee lovers at The Roastery. Some are beginners in their coffee journeys, and we know that choosing a new coffee can be an exciting yet daunting decision for many of those people. With so many options it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. And then there are the seasoned aficionados who want to try different roasts or regions, while not wanting to risk buying a full-sized bag of coffee that isn’t suited to their taste.

With the wide selection available, it’s tough to know where to begin without potentially wasting precious beans - and we don't want to do that!

That’s why we created our Discovery Packs. We wanted to provide an easy way for all coffee drinkers (beginners to experts), to explore and discover new coffees from our organic and Fairtrade range.

Each Discovery Pack contains 3 x trial-pack-sized 100g bags, hand-picked by our master roasters. Tell us how you brew - filter or espresso - and we’ll select a variety suited to your tastes. You can even indicate if you'd like to try our organic Decafblend alongside two of our other coffees. 

Why not keep a journal of the flavours as you taste your way through? Find new coffees tailored just for you! The Discovery Packs also make thoughtful gifts for coffee-loving friends!

The packs are available from our online shop and in-store. And we deliver nationwide, with postage included and letterbox-friendly packaging, so anyone can discover new favourite coffees from the comfort of home. 

Support Project Waterfall with a Discovery Pack and more this UK Coffee Week

When you purchase a Discovery Pack this UK Coffee Week* online or in-store, we will donate 5% to Project Waterfall, the official charity of UK Coffee Week. 

AND for those visiting us at The Roastery, buy a takeaway coffee from the specials menu and get 5% off PLUS a donation of 5% will be made to Project Waterfall. 

Project Waterfall is a non profit organisation, which brings clean water, sanitation and education to coffee-growing communities across the world. 

By funding wells, filters, and latrines in regions suffering from water poverty, the charity aims to save lives, support good health, and empower growth in developing areas. Access to clean water changes everything - child mortality rates drop, girls can spend more time in school, women can start their own businesses, and dignity is restored to communities.

Donations to Project Waterfall make a tangible impact. With 100% of public donations going directly to water projects, volunteers worldwide, and minimal overhead, you can trust that your money will have the greatest possible influence. When you support Project Waterfall, you directly help equip communities to thrive.

Join us all this week to celebrate our shared love of coffee, while we support Project Waterfall and UK Coffee Week! 


*5% of the sale price donated with every full-priced purchase of Owens Coffee's Discovery Packs bought online or in store between 16th October and 22nd October. 


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