100% Fairtrade & Organic

What it means to be certified Organic and Fairtrade.

At Owens we are passionate about producing top quality coffee that is both organic and fair trade.

We subscribe to the Soil Association to be certified organic and the Fairtrade Foundation, because we believe in the concepts and benefits they bring to the producer and our environment.

It is expensive and can be cumbersome, not just for us but for farmers too.  This is where having a direct relationship with farmers is invaluable. We like to work with producers we admire and respect.

We are happy to pay more for our beans because we know the provenance and that the producers have been paid a fair price. Our roastery is certified organic too, we don’t use harmful cleaning chemicals and we insist on following the exacting standards set by the Soil Association.

We ensure our records are up to date and our roastery is clean in exchange for the privilege of showing our certified organic and fair trade marks that demonstrate an unbroken chain of inspection and quality all the way back to the farmers and even the coffee seedling.

We strive to bring our customers the best organic and fair-trade coffee we can. Shade grown coffee grown using organic methods is better for the environment: there are no synthetic fertilizers or chemicals used in growing or production, organic farms can help combat climate change by emitting less carbon than a chemical farm, and they also sequester significant amounts of carbon.

As well as this, organically grown coffee is rich in healthy antioxidants. Our producers benefit from fair trade agreements and better working conditions. It is a win win for the planet, the producers and you as a consumer.