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Coffee at home: How to use the Clever Dripper

  • 2 min read

One of the simplest ways to make great coffee at home, our team has produced a quick user-friendly guide (see below) explaining how to use the Clever Dripper.

What is the Clever Dripper?

The Clever Dripper is a coffee maker for use at home. It is a full immersion style brewing method, with the clarity of flavour of a pour over brew. It is really easy to use and therefore great for beginners, but effective enough to impress anyone who regularly experiences the ritual of enjoying a really great cup of coffee. Owens Coffee owner Lorraine even has one in her campervan and can highly recommend it!

The Clever Dripper will make a great coffee for one large cup or two smaller cups.

If you don’t already own a Clever Dripper, order one from us here.

How to use the Clever Dripper

You’ll need:

Clever Dripper

Filter Paper 


Pouring Kettle 


Grinder (optional)


Your choice of freshly ground coffee (whole beans using your own grinder is best, but if not, then choose medium ground coffee for filter machines) – use a brewing ratio of 30g coffee to 500ml water, this guide shows you how to make 400ml of coffee in your Clever Dripper.

Clever Dripper coffee maker on countertop with bag of Owens Coffee
  1. Pop a filter paper into the Clever Dripper and run some hot water right through to rinse and ‘set’ the filter paper into the brewer.


Pouring kettle pouring water over coffee in a Clever Dripper coffee maker sat on scales

2. Put your Clever Dripper onto your scales and weigh out 24g of ground coffee.

3. Tare your scales to zero them so you can weigh out the water in the next step.

4. Heat water (ideal temperature 94˚C) and start your timer. Begin to pour a small amount (approx. 60g) of water directly onto the coffee grounds and wait for the coffee to bloom. Wait 30 secs and in a circular motion start to pour the remaining water over the grounds until you have 400g of water in the brewer. Using a pouring kettle is the most effective way to achieve this at this stage. Carefully stir once.

5. Put the lid on the Clever Dripper. It is recommended that you let the coffee steep for a total time of 4 minutes.

Person lifting a Clever Dripper coffee maker onto a cup

 6. After 4 minutes carefully place the Clever Dripper directly onto a mug, which automatically opens the valve without you having to do anything.

Person putting Clever Dripper onto cup which stands on a table

7. Wait until all the water has passed through (note: do make sure that your cup/mug is big enough as otherwise it may spill over). If you are brewing for 2 cups, gently lift the brewer off the mug and place on the second mug.

8. Enjoy your coffee at home!

Man sat on couch in a lounge with cup of coffee


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