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Espresso at home! Discover our new machines by Sage

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Exciting news! If you're looking to make Espresso from home, check out the new range of home espresso machines by Sage, now available from our online store. 

The team at Owens is regularly asked if we would consider selling home espresso equipment, however, it was important to us that any home espresso machines we offer to our customers are machines we would be happy to have in our own homes and which we would be proud to shout about.

So, after much research and trying out different options, we are thrilled to partner with Sage.

Sage home espresso machines

Espresso coffee being poured into a cup with two home espresso machines beside it

We hand-picked Sage espresso machines, because they are well designed and functional, with high end features, plus they offer an affordable price range from a collection of models to suit most budgets and needs / experience. 

Visit the home espresso machine page on our website and you will see that there are three espresso machines available, together with two conical burr grinders:

Home Espresso Machines by Sage

The Oracle home espresso machine

The Barista Pro home espresso machine

The Bambino Plus home espresso machine

Sage coffee grinders: Conical burr grinders

The Smart Grinder Pro

The Dose Control Pro Grinder 


Interested in making espresso at home? Get our buyers guide to home espresso machines

If you're looking to make espresso at home and want to know more about the machines available on our website, why not download our buyers guide?

Our buyers guide to home espresso machines compares all the key features of the machines side by side. Click the image or link below to download the PDF:

Sage home espresso machine buyers guide

Click here to download Home Espresso Machine Buyers Guide

or click here to view our range of home espresso machines

 Alternatively, if you have any questions about the Sage home espresso machines, contact us at the Roastery on 01752 897124




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