July 15, 2020

Did you know that the cafe at Plymouth’s Theatre Royal (TRP) is an established customer of Owens Coffee? However, TRP currently remains closed for business.

Pouring an Owens Coffee into a cup with TRP Theatre Royal Plymouth written on the cup

Across the UK, theatres and their employees, together with the arts organisations, businesses and people who work with them have been severely impacted by the Coronavirus lockdown in the UK.

There is no indication as to how or when theatres can expect to allow audiences back into their venues right now, however, TRP is working on several positive campaigns during this time, highlighted below:

Donate to TRP's Emergency Appeal

Donate to TRP’s Emergency Appeal. Donations of any size will help to support the organisation during its closure: https://theatreroyal.com/emergencyappeal/

Visit TR3 online to stay up to date and connected

Visit TR3 online – a virtual creative network enabling audiences to stay connected to the TRP team and their work behind the scenes, as well as throughout the industry. Visit TR3 here - https://theatreroyal.com/tr3/

Call for industry self-employed and freelancers

TRP is supporting a national task force to amplify the voices of the self-employed and freelancers involved in the theatre industry. TRP is calling on those people to register their interest, so if you are someone who works in the industry or you know someone who does, please visit or share the link - https://theatreroyal.com/freelance/

Join TRP as a member

In addition to donations, you can support TRP financially by becoming an individual or corporate member https://theatreroyal.com/join-and-support . TRP is working closely with corporate members and interested parties, to agree membership which is right for them. 

TRP is a national success story for Plymouth and the South West, and one which those of us living in the area can be extremely proud of. Please share, promote and (if possible) donate, to show your support for the venue.

TRP Theatre Royal Plymouth Logo


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