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New business member of the South West Coast Path Association

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We are pleased to announce that Owens Coffee has become a business member of the South West Coast Path Association(SWCPA), whose work supports and protects this important part of the region, both today and for future generations!

At 630 miles long and the longest established trail in the UK, is it any wonder that the South West Coast Path is a huge inspiration to Owens Coffee, based here in South Devon?

The Trail (which brings £500 million into the local tourism economy every year), starts at Minehead, runs the coast of Exmoor, continues along the coast of North Devon into Cornwall, across the River Tamar through into Devon, when it then follows the Dorset coastline, before ending at Poole Harbour. Those exploring the Path experience not only the natural beauty of the coastline, but also a variety of wildlife, rich heritage, geology and culture.

Working with the South West Coast Path Association

The SWCPA is the champion for this National Trail and has been working to establish, improve and protect the route since 1973. The SWCPA is a registered charity, coordinating projects throughout the year and running a membership scheme for members of the public and organisations.

Owens Coffee's owner Lorraine, says “The South West Coast Path offers one of the most engaging ways to experience the outstanding beauty of our region and what it represents. Since we began roasting coffee in 2010, we have created blends based on some of the areas found along the Trail. Our coffees are 100% organic and Fairtrade, and we are dedicated to improving sustainability in the production process wherever possible. This offer has a strong appeal to coffee-drinkers with a love and appreciation for the great outdoors.

For us, the SWCPA is a perfect fit for our products and ethos.

In addition, many great local restaurants, pubs and cafés are situated along the Coast Path, so it is not only a positive way to support the landscape, but also a way we can connect with local businesses old and new, who champion local produce.”

As a locally produced product, Owens Coffee and its sister product, Devonshire Tea fits what the SWCPA are looking for on behalf of its members: local businesses offering local products and services.

Julian Gray, Director of the South West Coast Path Association said“We’re delighted to welcome Owens Coffee as one of the first local food and drink suppliers to support the charity, and the South West Coast Path in this way. Linking up with Owens means we can let both our members and other businesses on the Path know about their great local product, whilst Owens’ support will help us to keep the Path in great shape for visitors to enjoy.

“This is just the beginning of some exciting changes we’re making to how we work with businesses – we’ll be announcing more details in the coming weeks. We’d love to welcome more businesses like Owens Coffee to our growing community of business supporters, so if you’d like to know more, please get in touch or sign up to our business newsletter.”

Introducing the Coffees inspired by the South West Coast Path!

Gara - Best Organic Coffee Award

Gara Rock, view from Gara Rock to Gammon Head

Photograph: View from Gara Rock to Gammon Head by Brian Bradshaw

Gara is bold, fruity and medium-dark roasted. This is our most popular blend and the beans are grown in Nicaragua and Honduras. Gara was the winner of the ‘Best Organic Coffee’ at the Soil Association Awards 2019. This darker roast brings out notes of fruit, smoke and earth.

Bantham – Organic Coffee

Bantham Ferry Boathouse

Photograph: Bantham Ferry Boathouse by Jennifer Rowlandson (Tiverton)

Bantham is our smooth, chocolatey medium roast blend from Peru and Sumatra. The coffee is gently roasted to deliver notes of chocolate and wine.

Dart – Organic coffee awarded ‘Silver’ by Taste of the West

River Dart Estuary near Dittisham

Photograph: River Dart Estuary near Dittisham by Liz Guard

Our darkest roast, Dart is mellow and sweet. The beans from Peru and Ethiopia are roasted darker for a more complex cup of aromatics, with honey and citrus notes.


Find Owens Coffee listed on the SWCPA website, and become a member of the SWCPA to tap into member-only offers and support the Path.


Photographs courtesy of SWCPA and credited members

Featured photograph (header) - Bantham rough waters, by George Hiles (courtesy of SWCPA)


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