May 07, 2020

Something been keeping you awake at night? Don’t let it be your coffee! Enjoy Owens’ organic decaf coffee beans at any time of the day or night without affecting your zzzz’s.

Does drinking coffee affect sleep?

Bedroom with bedside table and coffee kettle on it next to bed

There are mixed reports about the effects of coffee (more specifically, caffeine which is found in coffee) on sleep.

The amount to which coffee does or doesn’t affect sleep will also vary depending on the individual. A report on a recent study conducted by the Florida Atlantic University and Harvard Medical School concluded a controversial result, which said that whilst nicotine and alcohol affected sleep, caffeine appeared to have no effect.

There are, however, other studies which contradict these findings. If you read through all the conflicting research and information, that’s enough to keep you awake in itself!

What we know for sure is that caffeine is classed as a stimulant and that it can be found in coffee and other foods and drinks, such as chocolate, cola drinks, tea, energy drinks, painkillers, supplements and specially created sports gels and bars. For this reason, some people want less caffeine.

Reduce caffeine intake with decaf coffee beans

Scrabble letters spelling Decaf next to coffee beans

We are assuming that the reason you’re reading this article is because you love coffee but that you want to reduce your caffeine intake.  Owens can help with this!

From when we first started out, we always said that if we were going to produce an organic decaf coffee, we were determined that it had to be really, really good.

For anyone who already enjoys Owens but would be interested in buying a decaf coffee to reduce caffeine intake, we did not intend to disappoint.

And we know that can happen with decaf coffee.

“…it’s a great tasting decaf which is rare.” – Kevin John (customer review)

Fairtrade and organic decaf coffee beans

Owens’ decaf coffee beans are 100% Fairtrade coffee beans grown by coffee farmers in Peru. Peru as a coffee producing region, produces around 4 million bags of coffee every year. Farmers in the region have really embraced organic and Fairtrade certification systems in recent years and have been extremely successful in this area.

Organic decaf coffee beans – 99.9% caffeine-free

Owens Organic Decaf Coffee Beans

As with all our coffees, these beans are also certified organic decaf coffee beans. There are a number of reasons why Owens buy organic coffee beans over regular coffee beans, centering around the huge impact coffee farming has at a global level and due to the many positive benefits organic farming processes have for coffee farmers, the planet and for coffee drinkers too. Our organic status is certified by the Soil Association in the UK and we adhere to their guidelines to deliver our product.

Organic Swiss Water® Process Decaf Coffee

Our ‘Decaf’ coffee is an organic Swiss Water® Process Decaf Coffee and it is 99.9% caffeine-free. This process of decaffeination goes something like this:

  • Small batches of coffee beans are cleaned and hydrated with pure, local water
  • A Green Coffee Extract (GCE) - developed especially for the Swiss Water® Process - is introduced to the cleaned beans
  • Caffeine naturally leaves the coffee and moves into the GCE
  • Caffeine and GCE flow through filters, trapping the caffeine and separating it from the GCE
  • GCE is refreshed, recycled and used again and again
  • The process and caffeine levels are monitored for each batch for 10 hours
  • 99.9% caffeine-free coffee beans are the result

Chemical-free decaf coffee

The Swiss Water® Process is an entirely chemical-free process for the removal of caffeine. No chemical solvents or petroleum by-products are used during the decaffeination process.

This is a really important point as there are methods of decaffeinating coffee (in fact, for most decaffeinated coffee products) which include use of solvents to remove the caffeine.

Owens 100% Organic Décaf Coffee Beans

Many of our decaf coffee customers buy the product in addition to their existing favourite Owens blend, giving them flexibility in their daily coffee-drinking habits, regardless of when they want to enjoy it.

Other customers drink solely decaf coffee. It’s all down to personal choice but we wanted to give our customers that option.

Our decaf beans are a darker roast coffee bean which helps maintain a full, rich flavour, and the coffee has an intriguing chocolate character to it.

We wanted to make sure that the blend was suitable for as many of our customers as possible.

For this reason, ‘Décaf’ is available and is ideal for espresso and filter as whole beans, it is perfect for cafetières and filter as medium ground and you can also buy Décaf coffee as fine ground for espresso.

Our organic decaf coffee is available in 200g or 1kg sizes and, as with all of our coffees, you can purchase as a one off or as a coffee subscription and save 15%. Just click ‘Subscribe & Save’ on the product page.

We’d love to know if you already enjoy our Décaf blend. If you do, please do leave a review on the Decaf coffee product page. Your honest review will help other customers to decide whether or not this is a coffee for them. We appreciate your feedback.

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