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5 Top Gifts for Coffee Lovers

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If you’re looking to buy a gift for a friend or family member, we’ve picked out the top gifts for coffee lovers from our Owens Coffee collection. Covering a wide range of budgets, these make great coffee gifts for anyone who loves to indulge in drinking speciality coffee and enjoys coffee-making.

Of course, if you are the biggest coffee lover in your life, perhaps it is simply time you treated yourself!? ;)

Why give the gift of coffee?

We’ve all had that special someone who is tricky to buy for, for one reason or another. Maybe they ask for very little, or they appear to have everything they need.

What’s great about buying coffee as a gift is that it is consumable, so you can never have 'too many'! If your special someone is a person who enjoys good coffee and they haven’t tried Owens before, they will appreciate you introducing them to a new award-winning roaster like Owens, or (if they are already a customer) let them know you're thinking of them every month by giving them 3-6 months’ of Owens Coffee as a coffee gift subscription .

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Coffee gifts for the environmentally conscious consumer

As well as being a high quality, great-tasting coffee, Owens is a brilliant gift for the conscious consumer. We work hard to deliver a sustainable coffee product to our customers. All of Owens’ coffees are organic and Fairtrade. Our coffee is ‘clean roasted’ and we make every effort to use recyclable packaging, pushing for better packaging solutions since we started roasting in 2010.

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5 Top gifts for coffee lovers from Owens Coffee

Owens Coffee is an independent coffee roastery in Britain’s South West. At our roastery here in Devon, we import the green beans, roast fresh coffee every week and the team packs and distributes the coffee to customers throughout the UK. We hand pick our choice of beans to create blends we are proud of, from our house blends, to our single origin and limited edition, seasonal blends.

1. Organic Coffee Subscription Gift, UK Delivery By Post

This 3-6 month coffee subscription gift will be delivered by post to your special someone, anywhere in the UK. Two bags of coffee (200g) will be delivered every month for either 3 months or 6 months from our organic coffee house blends (excludes Decaf).

To gift direct: Simply enter the delivery address and a message in the delivery / message section at checkout.

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2. Owens Coffee Gift Cards

Covering a wide range of budgets from £5 up to £100, order an Owens Coffee gift card. Your special someone can use this against a gift of their choice from our whole coffee (and tea) range, including our coffee experiences and home barista equipment.

To gift direct: Enter your recipient’s delivery address with a message in the delivery / message section at checkout.

Owens Coffee Gift Card Coffee Gift Voucher

3. Coffee selection gift: 'Discovery Pack' 3 x bags of coffee beans 

Why not gift one of our Discovery Packs of organic coffee beans and give your special someone a range of flavours to enjoy? The Discovery Pack is available for either filter coffee makers or espresso machines and each pack includes 3 x bags of organic coffee, which have been hand picked and include at least one award-winning blend. Choose from a Discovery Pack for Espresso or a Discovery Pack for Filter

To gift direct: buy a Discovery Pack, enter the recipient’s delivery address and include a message in the delivery / message section.


4. Clever Dripper Coffee Maker PLUS 10% off coffee

The Clever Dripper Coffee Maker is a popular home-brewing model in the UK, as it is a neat, simple and portable option, ideal for office workers, campers and caravanners who want to make real coffee on-the-go.

What’s more, buy any of our home barista kits and you’ll save 10% on any coffee you purchase with it.

To gift direct: Enter the delivery address of your special someone at checkout, together with a message in the delivery / message section.

Clever Dripper Coffee Maker with Owens Coffee

5. Barista & Coffee Tasting Experience

Finally, if you are looking for something unique, our Barista & Coffee Tasting Experience is the ultimate coffee lovers’ gift!

Taking place at the Roastery in Devon, the course gives coffee lovers a better understanding of the coffee making process. Your special someone will be introduced to home coffee machines, barista skills they can use at home, together with a basic knowledge of coffee beans and quality control.

We are currently taking pre-bookings for our Barista & Coffee Tasting Experiences and participants will be contacted with a number of provisional dates to choose from, subject to lockdown restrictions and government guidelines.

To gift direct: Enter the gift recipient’s address at checkout together with their email address and a message (use the delivery / message section at checkout) and we will send a confirmation email with details.

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Bonus gift recommendation: Sage Espresso Machines for espresso coffee at home

Enjoy espresso at home barista-style with a home espresso machine or conical burr grinder by Sage. 

We love these machines, which cover a range of budgets and are available to purchase via our online store. For help and assistance purchasing a machine, please contact our team

Other top gifts for coffee lovers

As top gifts for coffee lovers go, those highlighted above are favourites with our team. However, you can purchase anything from the Owens Coffee online store as a gift for a loved one just to let them know you’re thinking of them.

All you have to do is enter the address details for your gift in the delivery address section of the checkout, together with a message in the box for delivery / gift message.

Shop our gifts for coffee lovers here.

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