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Shopping local is BIG news!

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Small wonder in the South West and particularly in our South Devon home where we have a wealth of amazing shops, producers, pubs, restaurants, cafes and so much more to choose from, and isn’t it much nicer to chat to whoever you are buying from? To know where your produce comes from and how it is made makes your shopping experience all the better.
Let’s look at coffee...a BIG subject!

To put things in perspective, coffee is one of the most widely traded commodities in the world – with over 12 billion pounds of coffee produced annually.

For the more earth conscious consumer who is concerned with the the coffee origin, how it was roasted and if it was a fair deal, it makes sense to buy from a locally based roaster. They know exactly where their beans come from and are in control of the roasting and therefore the quality and flavour. In many instances, such as with Owens single estate coffees, we actually know the farmer that produces the beans and their family history.
We are passionate about providing an amazing product, which is both organic and fair-trade. It isn’t easy to get certified to sell organic coffee. We have strict guidelines to adhere to and regular inspections, but it is so worth it when you look at the end product and also where the coffee bean started it’s journey.
Organic coffee has no nasty fertilisers or pesticides used in it’s cultivation, and is shade grown. Coffee plants like shade, but farming the plant under a tree canopy is much more difficult and intensive than in an open field. If coffee plants are in full sun, when it rains, there is more wash off which means less nutrients in the soil, more chemicals going into local water systems. Without a tree canopy in areas that have cleared for mass production, there is a huge impact on the eco system, which in turn leads to less natural fertilization, which leads to more chemicals. Which end up in your cup of coffee.

Forest grown coffee is also much better equipped to deal with extremes of weather, making them a better investment for farmers.
And an organic coffee is rich in antioxidants, so it is a win win!
So next time you need coffee, visit us at our new eco unit in Ivybridge, meet our friendly team, have a takeaway, buy coffee, smell it and see it being roasted and lean more about its origins. Or you could pop into one of our lovely stockists, and taste the difference!


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