March 13, 2019

Owens Academy of Coffee

Have you ever thought about improving your home coffee brewing?

Here at the Owens Academy of Coffee, we are as passionate about the coffee you drink at home, as the coffee you buy from your favourite coffee shop.

Our Home Brewing course covers all aspects of how to make that perfect cup of coffee, using the equipment you already have or recommending an alternative, without having an expensive machine.
There are so many different products to choose from and the course includes demonstration and experimentation of a range of brewing equipment such as the v60, French Press, Chemex and Aeropress. All are designed to extract the perfect brew at home or on the move.

Our fully qualified, professional and friendly trainers will get you taste testing different batches of coffee from the Owens range, to help develop the sensory spectrum and how to interpret the flavours. We will also do some myth busting with you, showing simple and effective changes to brew ratios and water temperature which will enhance the flavour of your home brew.

All of this takes place in our fantastic new training room at the Roasters, with state of the art equipment and you can probably get a look at our wonderful Loring Roaster too!

Our Spring offer is £15 off our next Home Brewing Course on Saturday 30 March, so just £50! Perfect for all coffee enthusiasts, as a gift or a treat for yourself, why not book now by clicking on this link.


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