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World Environment Day 2021: How you can be part of the solution

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Do you want to be part of the solution? World Environment Day is a global day of action on 5th June 2021. The campaign was launched by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972 with the aim to promote environmental awareness and protection around the world.

This year, organisers are asking us all to take small steps for our planet - whether it’s picking up litter or planting trees. 

At Owens Coffee we take it into our stride in providing a greener future and doing everything we can to support this. We have developed many environmentally friendly ways of adapting our business, for example ensuring that all of our coffee range is Fairtrade and 100% organic.

Farming in full sunlight has become the fastest, cheapest way to meet the growing needs of the coffee market. However, this demand has increasingly led to destruction of shade-producing plants such as trees. Organic farming practices in comparison encourage shade-grown coffee wherever possible plus organic farming is chemical free with no synthetic fertilizers or chemicals used.

The roasting and selling of organic coffees helps protect these vital resources by encouraging farmers to use organic coffee farming methods and avoid deforestation.

Find out more about choosing organic coffeeand how this protects the planet here.

Owens Coffee has been committed to improving sustainability since 2010. As well as using organic, Fairtrade coffee beans, this also includes our packaging, waste disposal and even includes the investment we have made into our purpose-built Roastery facility and high-tech, low-emission roasting equipment.

Choosing to drink Owens Coffee means that you are making a commitment to sustainability in many ways. Learn more about our commitment to sustainability and how you are contributing to helping the environment by choosing Owens Coffee. 

Today is a day when the team at Owens Coffee celebrates the actions of people all across the world to create a better world. We hope that you enjoy finding new ways to 'Reimagine, Recreate and Restore' this World Environment Day.

If you do, why not share your actions on social media (we'd love if you shared photos of you enjoying an organic, sustainable Owens Coffee! 👍 ). Use the World Environment Day hashtag #GenerationRestoration to help spread the word and encourage more people to come together and help make a change.

You can find out more about World Environment Day 2021 here and learn how to make a pledge to help restore the planet here. 


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