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Family life with two kids, a dog and a husband!

  • 2 min read

Why coffee is SO important when you have 2 kids, a dog and a husband…

This may sound familiar to some of you with family, I hope you enjoy it, and  I wish you a happy and stress free Easter, without any of this…

So usual morning at our house last Friday, bedlam basically.  Child number 1 has to catch a ferry to school, and with 3 minutes to go before we need to leave, decides to tell me he hasn’t done his physics homework.  Well, there is absolutely no chance of me helping.  I know nothing about physics, and definitely don’t have time to Google what the formula for power is.  So, accept there will be a detention coming his way, tell said child no 1 he must do better, only for him to then inform me he can’t find his phone.  Am now screaming at him like a banshee (unattractive at 7.45am in any woman), but nonetheless, push him out of the door, and drive like fury to the ferry.

Some deep breathing in the car, get back home to find out child no 2 has had a nosebleed, and simultaneously sneezed, so the family bathroom looks like someone has been murdered in it.  Clean this up muttering, make sure he is ok and has his bag, along with wellies for ‘forest school’ (apparently they learn about nature, but all I can see coming out of it is more washing) then bundle him (and dog) into the car for journey to school.  Meantime, I have noticed that child no 1’s phone is on charge in the hallway, so how it was ‘lost’ is a mystery that will possibly need Sherlock to come and solve.

Still once all children gone, know that I have half an hour to walk dog (without the family) somewhere pretty before work.  More deep breathing…commence walk, birds are tweeting, small amount of blue sky peeping though the clouds, in slight daydream thinking of my latest purchase, a pair of shoes which bring me pure joy, when I realise dog missing.  Run around woods in a panic, and find him rolling in fox poo…swear loudly.  That’s another hour of my life I haven’t got time for.  Get him home, scold him, and then lock him in the kitchen.  He will have to have a bath later, and I will also have to clean the kitchen, sigh.

Get in car to drive to work, with gazillions of random thoughts going through my poor frazzled brain.  But guess what?  I work for Owens coffee, and they are 100% organic, and there is a delicious flat white waiting for me.  Thank you girls in office! Now that is very important to a mum with 2 kids, a dog and a husband, and my stressful morning melts away.

Five minutes later the husband calls, he can’t find his golf shoes and wants to know where I have put them?  Really?

More coffee required!


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