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6 ways to Swap to Organic Coffee this September

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This month is OrganicSeptember and alongside organic producers, the Soil Association is using this time to encourage consumers to make a swap. There are many reasons why making a switch to buy organic coffee in the UK is important, whenever you decide to do this. 

Our organic status is something Owens Coffee has valued since we started roasting in 2010, and we believe that to help customers make the swap to organic coffee, we must provide choice.

In which case, here are 6 ideas for ways you can swap to organic coffee this ‘Organic September’ and beyond:

Best Organic Coffee

If you’re looking to make swap to organic coffee, what better than to switch to the UK’s Best Organic Coffee (2019)? Owens’ house blend Gara won the title at the Soil Association BOOM awards in the Summer of last year.

One of our bestselling coffees, Gara is bold and fruity, a medium-dark blend from Central America and roasted slightly darker, highlighting notes of fruit, smoke and earth.

Buy award-winning Best Organic Coffee


Owens Organic Coffee Discovery Packs

If you’re new to Owens Coffee or you’ve never experimented with the options, how do you choose a blend from our award-winning organic coffees?

We’ve put together these Discovery Packs (choose from one pack which is recommended for filter coffee makers or one for espresso machines). Each pack includes three different bags of our organic coffee beans (200g per bag). They are available as whole beans or ground.

Save money AND discover your favourite when you purchase a Discovery Pack!

3 bags of Owens organic coffee on a table with information cards in front of them

Buy our Organic Coffee Discovery Packs online now


Bags more convenient: Organic Coffee Bags

Have you tried our Organic Coffee Bags? If you’re on your travels, heading to the office or you just need a quick fix, these coffee bags are a quick and easy way to enjoy great coffee on the go!

100% organic and Fairtrade, the single-serve bags are individually wrapped and available in a box or 10 or 100.

Individual pack of Owens Organic Coffee Bags

Buy Organic Coffee Bags online now


Organic Coffee Nespresso Compatible Pods

To extend the option to make an organic coffee swap even further, our Nespresso Compatible Pods offer Owens Organic Coffee for those who choose to make their coffee this way. The Nespresso compatible capsules are 100% recyclable aluminium and our Colombia coffee is a single-origin from the La Orquieda cooperative, bright and fruity with apple and blackcurrant notes.

Pack of Owens Organic Nespresso Compatible Pods on a table with coffee pods beside it and in a box behind it

Buy Organic Coffee Nespresso Compatible Pods



Organic Coffee Subscriptions – 15% off for regular coffee drinkers

For coffee lovers who purchase their beans regularly, our organic coffee subscriptions offer a 15% saving on any of our house blends, with delivery direct to your door in letterbox-friendly packaging (larger orders posted as standard parcels). Choose from between 1 week and 6 week deliveries. With no obligation, subscriptions can be modified and cancelled any time.

Cardboard box with two bags of coffee inside it

Buy an organic coffee subscription


Organic Decaf Coffee

Cutting back on your caffeine but don’t want to compromise on taste? Our organic decaf coffee is a darker roasted bean which maintains a full, rich flavour, with an intriguing chocolate character to it.

Décaf is available to buy as whole beans, medium or fine ground coffee and it is produced using the Swiss Water® Process.

Find out more about our organic decaf blend here.

Bag of Owens Organic Decaf Coffee

Buy Owens organic Decaf Coffee


To find more great producers supporting Organic September this month, search for the hashtags #OrganicSeptember and #ChooseOrganic on all your favourite social media platforms. 


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